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as related to Family Law and this Office


Life is certainly challenging right now but continuing. We wish everyone the best of health and financial perseverance during these extremely concerning times. We are considered an essential business and full services are and will remain available, just in a more careful way. Reducing personal contact procedures are implemented in our office and in the Family Courts that continue to operate as modified to reduce personal appearances as much as possible. More phone and computer use with "Zoom" and "Skype" are successfully in place.


Initial Consults are being conducted by phone or computer whenever possible at $300.


If you are paying child or spousal support and your income has been impacted or changed, you likely have a basis to modify your support obligations. Such a request to the Court should be made promptly to protect your ability to retroactively modify your support obligation back to the date of the request. Unless and until you make the request, the current Court Order in place is fully enforceable. Please contact us as soon as possible in the event you believe a modification may be warranted.


Additionally, with mandates for school closures, digital learning, business closures and reduced social contact, your custody and visitation schedules are likely to be impacted as well as your incomes. Please contact us as soon as possible if we can be of any assistance with these issues.






2,251 clients to date; 136 new clients in last 12 months. Don't the below numbers make choosing a family law attorney a no brainer:  

Reno Attorneys willing to do family law

Reno Certified Family Law Specialists

Reno Certified Family Law

Specialists that
practice family law Exclusively

Marilyn York is the only Certified Family Law Specialist that practices family law Exclusively that
Specializes in Men's Rights in Reno

Many claim years of experience but
actually have very little in family law

5 years minimum experience, with 50% in family law

Serious minded and focused only on family law

No one else in Reno
has 21 years of exclusive family law experience in Men's Rights












Brittany Cooper

Exclusive Family Law








Michelle Kazmar

Exclusive Family Law


Marilyn D. York

Certified Family Law Specialist and Owner;

Exclusive Family Law










ILin Rocovits

Exclusive Family Law


Meet the Reno, NV Family Law Team That is the Best Team for you

Meet our Support Staff



At the Law Office of Marilyn D. York, our special areas of expertise are getting the best possible divorce settlement for our clients -- and protecting them before, during and after the divorce. Legal teams that claim they will "aggressively" represent you or will "fight" for you sound one dimensional. We are assiduous: hard-working, attentive, diligent, tenacious, industrious, scrupulous, studious, unflagging, untiring, zealous and yes we will also aggressively fight for you where your case needs it while doing much more than that.

We protect all of our clients' rights on issues likely to arise in a divorce case, including:
• Fair child/spousal support         • More visitation
• Opposing restraining orders     • Equal custody
• Preventing move aways            • Asset protection
• Terminating parental rights       • Paternity testing
• All other issues of family law

Our practice is focused on securing men’s rights. Even though most Nevada laws, as written, do not discriminate against men, child and spousal support orders often do. For men clients, it usually takes great effort by legal counsel to secure fair support issues. Justice isn't automatic, it needs fought for.

                        79.6% of custodial mothers receive a support award.
                        29.9% of custodial fathers receive a support award.

                                                 more statistics....

We at the Law Office of Marilyn D. York know how truly important it is for children to grow up with both parents raising them, even if the family has been fractured by a parental split. That’s why we fight so hard for our clients. The greatest beneficiaries of a just court settlement are not only the fathers we represent, but their children.

"Protecting the children is my main concern and cases where I can
improve a child’s life are always my highest priority."

— Marilyn D. York, Esq.



(5) Things to Know Before Selecting a Family Law Attorney


Clients and their Family Law Attorneys spend a lot more time together than in other fields of law and delve into the most personal and sensitive matters. Pick wisely. Fire and hire someone else after a few weeks if you are not happy.




Initial Consultations $300 or free for same day hire*

Case Locations We Serve




Our initial consultations are relatively inexpensive, will remove many of your fears of the unknown, and should be your first step.  Hire Marilyn and relax a little; you will be in good hands.

*An Initial Consultation is FREE if you hire us the same day; otherwise you pay only $300 and $75 of it is transferred directly to a local charity or community service.

**Hourly rates are not a good criterion for selecting an attorney. However, our hourly rates are more than competitive in the area, and especially when comparing to other Certified Family Law Specialists and their associates who practice family law exclusively. We are convinced that our experience, efficiency and dedication allow us to consistently charge our clients less for their case than the opposing attorney charges our clients’ exes for the same amount of work.

***Our initial retainers range from $3,000 to $6,000 or higher for out-of-area clients, or ones with very complicated cases, or ones with a bad credit report. 

Please know that it sometimes costs our clients $20,000 or more for complicated cases having a lot of assets. It sometimes costs our clients $2,500 or less for an Uncontested Divorce.


We Are Powerfully Geared to Help Men

Hire us and save money, stress and grief! Marilyn D. York is an Exclusive Family Law Attorney, a Nevada Certified Family Law Specialist and owner of the Area's Largest Exclusive Family Law Office. We only seek men clients and our professional passion is being Men's Rights Attorneys and protecting men and their children. Our Attorneys and Paralegals only practice Family Law and are highly experienced, dedicated, efficient and caring. 

We could save you $1,000's for many reasons:
• We use cooperative divorce methods and encourage uncontested divorces
• We settle cases when possible and represent you assiduously in court when appropriate
• We don't drag out cases, over bill, over work or add fuel to marital fires
• We have rapport with the Court and if you're a gentleman in Court, we'll get more for your dollars
• We consistently charge less than opposing counsels for the same amount of work
• We won't let you give away the farm or your children. We protect your rights!
• Don't move out of your home until you talk to us. If you've already moved, call us immediately.
• Don't lose control of yourself and your legal bill
• Don't lie in court or to your attorney
• Don't do a collaborative divorce. Let us do a cooperative divorce, which better serves you.
• Don't hire the wrong attorney or one who doesn't exclusively practice family law
• Don't stay with a bad attorney - one that is overcharging you or making you uncomfortable
• Pay your attorney by credit card (not cash) in divorce, as attorney fees are community property

Marilyn says, "Call me before you move out."

We save you stress and grief because:
• We are sensitive yet direct with you and more importantly, we are always powerful in representing you.
• We are hard-working, attentive, diligent, ethical, competent, empathetic, experienced in family law, and dedicated and yes we will also aggressively fight for you where your case needs it; but we will do so much more than that for you.





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Marilyn D. York

548 California Ave

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Reno NV 89509

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