2,251 clients to date; 136 new clients in the last 12 months. Don’t all the numbers make choosing a family law attorney obvious?

Before you make a wrong move in hiring a family attorney, you should ensure he or she has the requisite family law experience you need because many of the local attorneys advertise lots of years of experience ostensibly as family attorneys and yet we never see them in family court. Be wary and don’t hire anybody just based on advertising. Get personal referrals from the legal community or from others who have experienced a divorce.

Avoid Bullies and litigation-happy attorneys and hope your ex does also.

Beware of other difficult attorneys who:
Drag out cases by being unresponsive or intentionally antagonistic in their responses.
Add fuel to the fire to extend cases and force litigation.
Seem to charge huge sums for little work or poor quality work.
Appear in court unprepared and they command little respect from the court.
Abuse substances that diminish their abilities and effectiveness.
Treat everyone poorly including their clients.

“Don’t let your Divorce Attorney treat you
like your wife did.” 

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Of the 110 attorneys in the Reno-Sparks area that advertise for family law clients, many have little to no experience in family law. Only 12 are Certified Family Law Specialists and only 8 of those practice family law exclusively. Marilyn York is the only one that is a Certified Family Law Specialist that practices family law exclusively that specializes in Men’s Rights. Her staff will always try to:
Advise clients of all reasonable alternatives.
Do what is in clients’ and their children’s best interests.
Keep the client’s requests and expectations reasonable.
Fully cooperate and communicate with the opposing attorney and the courts in a timely manner.
Avoid litigation by negotiating instead, until all hope of settlement is gone.

“We love to represent men in family law matters because children need their fathers. If you are a man and you need competent representation from someone who gives a damn, we can help you.”

Statistics Say Children Need Their Fathers

Female attorneys in our office work well with men. There is no gender rivalry or anything to prove. In Family Law Court, a female attorney and male client appear balanced and credible.  A male attorney with a male client can easily be perceived as being arrogant, chauvinistic, and overly aggressive. If you are a man in marital distress, what makes sense to you?

We attorneys at the Law Office of Marilyn D. York are happy professionals and think that practicing family law exclusively leads to a lot of our job satisfaction and happiness. 

SHARP AND PREPARED ATTORNEYS are hard to find. The California and Nevada Bar exams are three full days long and take months of special preparation besides law school.  Only about 64% of first-time takers pass, so those that do show many attributes that translate into being a bright, prepared, persevering, and dedicated person with courtroom type of stamina. All of the attorneys in this office passed their Bar exams on the first try. 

Many attorneys for a wide variety of reasons practice several types of law that may include family law to help pay the rent.

“Call us now before your wife does”.

contact happy get tip Attorneys $ father physical custody number Best Divorce and Family Law Specialst for You and county in court lawyers associate 10 9 8