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Born and raised in Las Vegas, I have lived in Nevada for the majority of my life.  After a few adventures gave me the experience of living on an elk ranch in a small town in Colorado, to attending law school at California Western School of Law in San Diego, to getting lawyer licenses in Washington and Oregon; I made my way back to the only place that truly felt like home ~ Reno.

I first began my legal career as a staff attorney for a Chapter 13 Trustee.  I then pursued my dream to become a litigator and served as a deputy public defender for Clark County, NV.  There, I represented both adults and juveniles in their criminal and delinquency cases.  During this period, I developed strong oral advocacy skills and learned to think quickly on my feet.  I also practically lived in the courtroom and couldn’t be more grateful for the time I spent there, and the lessons learned.

As a daughter of a father who was an entrepreneur at heart and was an inventor for the casino industry (including a worldwide product), I grew up surrounded by all things business, including the freedom, heartache, risks, and rewards of operating a small family business.  Desperately wanting to someday walk in my father’s footsteps, in 2012, I was able to fuse my passion for the law and business matters.  I had an opportunity to be an integral part of a tech start-up software management company that successfully turned a profit just less than one year later.   Once the software as a service company turned into a well-oiled machine, I returned to the full-time practice of law, and pursued my calling to protect children and victims of injustice.

In 2014, I relocated from the South to Northern Nevada to serve as a court-appointed child advocate attorney in a rural county.  This responsibility included representing children in both child welfare and family law matters.  During this time, I became intimately familiar with Northern Nevada, as I had to travel throughout the region to meet with my child clients in their homes.  I fell in love with all the things the North had to offer.  After that, I continued my advocacy for our most vulnerable by serving as a Deputy Attorney General for the Division of Child and Family Services and then as a Senior Deputy Attorney General prosecuting white collar cases. Thereafter, I pursued getting my bar licenses in Washington and Oregon.  During my time in the Pacific Northwest, I became a trained forensic interviewer for children who were victims of abuse, neglect, or witnesses to crimes.  I also practiced as an attorney in Oregon, representing victims of crime in their criminal cases and their civil restraining order cases.  During my years of practice, I had to consider family law issues that were organically woven within the types of law I practiced.  With years of exposure and countless hours of evidence-based trainings, I became aware of the trauma and devastation that family law matters (divorce and custody disputes and child support) have on my clients and my clients’ children.  

It became a passion of mine to minimize this trauma as much as possible and to reduce exposure of trauma as quickly as possible.  It in the forefront of my practice to hold the system accountable and educate the community that both the mother and father are on equal grounds and importance to the growth and development of a child.  

Throughout my years of practice, I have developed skills as a great negotiator and creative problem solver. I pride myself in guiding my clients in formulating short-term and long-term plans that will benefit both them and their child/ren’s best interests.  I am a firm believer in providing my clients a voice, acknowledging, and highlighting my clients’ immeasurable value within the family unit, and giving them an opportunity to control their destiny for their own family. 

From the very first time I met Marilyn and her staff in 2016, I recognized that my own passion and practice were already embedded in the very living and breathing foundation for which Marilyn’s firm was built upon.  I am grateful to be part of the best firm I have ever encountered.