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From: Alex Falconi <excalibur@yahoo.com>
Date: Thu, May 2, 2013 at 9:59 AM
Subject: Thank You!
To: "Chantel@MarilynYork.net" <Chantel@marilynyork.net>


Dear Marilyn:

A long time ago when you still had your radio show you helped me out with inconsistencies concerning the fictitious address program and the domestic violence statutes. I recall you sending me a bit of case law. No other attorney has ever shown as much compassion as you with regards to parenting to the point of helping a parent even when they cannot afford to pay you.

Because of you my case went to the Supreme Court of Nevada and was published last week. Now, parents can challenge the issuance of a fictitious address under Falconi v. Secretary of State, 129, Nev. Adv. Op. No. 28. 
It's so hard to find the words to express my gratitude and I hope somehow, someway, my case assists you in helping other parents so they don't have to go through the rigorous years-long supreme court process to get their rights acknowledged.

I also want to say that because of people like you, Patricia Lynch, Patrick Flanagan, and David Clifton, I have found a passion in law and will be taking my LSATs next month. I still have joint-physical custody of my son and after several thick skirmishes I have gotten him into a great charter school. I can say without a doubt that the opinions in Rivero and Mosley and the research done concerning "the best parent is both parents" is absolutely 100% correct (in my case). 
If there is anything I can ever do to repay your kindness let me know. I am almost a graduated software engineer and can fix your website if you like.

Best wishes,

Alex Falconi

P.S. Some day I might need you to help me with representation on a Potter v. Potter split so I can take my son with me when I move to go to law school; and depending on how things go with the writ petition the supremes instructed me to file in Falconi v. Secretary I might need you there too. I'm saving up some money!