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Don't Hire Us If...



If you have a bad credit report; and low assets; and low income; and no Guarantor. If you are trying to get a Champagne Divorce on a Beer Income, we are not the right attorneys for you. A good divorce is expensive but you get what you pay for with us. It sometimes costs our Clients $20,000 or more for complicated cases having a lot of assets. It sometimes costs our Clients $2,500 or less for an Uncontested Divorce. Either way, we need paid with retainers in advance; otherwise we are loaning money to Clients that is hard to collect. When we spend time and money on collections, that unfairly detracts from serving our paying Clients.

If you have a weak or unethical position and want a Miscreant Lawyer that will do anything and say anything to try to help you win. Such lawyers are often successful only in driving up the cost of litigation.

If you are vengeful, spiteful and want to punish your "EX" instead of reaching an equitable divorce.

If you arbitrarily want and expect all or most of the marital assets.

If you want to keep your "EX" from seeing the children without valid cause such as child abuse or unfit parenting.

If you want a lawyer that will tell you what you want to hear which only feeds a destructive fire.


There are many Types of Attorneys to choose from.