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In family law, there are good and bad clients with good and bad motives and all types of attorneys to match. When hiring a family law attorney, seek one that you are comfortable with - one that you share the same philosophy and goals with. Attorneys are not created equally and some could make you very unhappy. You may find by mistake or even look to hire a Miscreant Lawyer. The phrase "No one likes a crooked lawyer unless they need one" may apply to Criminal Law or other types of law but has little or no merit in Family Law.

Cooperative Divorce attorneys pledge the following:
I will try to advise my Client of all reasonable alternatives.
I will try to always do what is in my client's and their children's best interest.
I will try to keep my Client's requests and expectations reasonable.
I will try to fully cooperate and communicate with the opposing attorney in a timely manner.
I will try to avoid litigation by negotiating instead, until all hope of settlement is gone.
I will ask each client of mine to sign a Cooperative Agreement.

There are about 75 Attorneys in the Reno-Sparks area that actively take family law clients, but only about 16 practice family law exclusively and 4 of those 16 are in our Office.

Many attorneys for a wide variety of reasons practice several types of law that may include family law. Do you think such part-time family attorneys are as likely to be as efficient and effective as Exclusive Family Law Attorneys who love what they are doing?

Some attorneys have a favorite specialty practice other than family law but also practice occasional family law to supplement their income even though they do not prefer family law or necessarily even like doing it. Do you think such part-time family attorneys are as likely to be as efficient and effective as Exclusive Family Law Attorneys who love what they are doing?

We all have a moral obligation to ourselves to pursue jobs that make us happy. We do better work and the world is better when we are happily employed. Some attorneys are unhappy or even bitter about their career choice, their field of law choice or where they work even though they are well paid. It takes most attorneys years to pay off their student loans and meanwhile they may be putting off marriage, having children or buying nice things like a house until they can get more financially secure. They may fall in the trap of having high credit card debt, destructive personal habits and making bad personal choices. People with less years and money invested in a career and receiving lower pay are less likely to stay trapped in unsatisfying work. Attorneys (and other highly paid professionals) have a hard time switching away from unfulfilling careers. We Attorneys at the Law Office of Marilyn D. York are happy professionals and think that practicing family law exclusively leads to a lot of our happiness and job satisfaction.

Possess one or more undesirable traits such as -
1. Addictive behaviors that would cause them distraction from your case and also may have destroyed or pickled some of their brain cells.
2. Arrogant overly confidant pushy angry attitude and behavior that is used to intimidate and manipulate others. This is a poor method to use in Court instead of being prepared with a viable strategy.
3. A history of lying to or deceiving the Court in trying to delay cases, covering up mistakes and omissions and building a case based on flimsy or non existent facts.
4. Overworking the case to bill more hours than should be necessary.
5. Over billing the case by charging for hours not actually worked.
6. Billing Lawyer work at the Lawyer rate for work done by a Paralegal. If your bill never shows Paralegal billing at Paralegal rates, be suspicious.
7. Incompetents that always have an excuse instead of moving a case forward.
8. Laziness that leads to unpreparedness, poor performance and poor results.
9. Being uncooperative and uncommunicative with opposing attorneys - not following protocol in such things as exchanging documents and answering complaints that are required on a timely basis by the law and not being open minded to discussions and compromises.
10. Always litigating every case instead of trying to negotiate which could save a lot of marital assets.
11. Being an annoying know-it-all pompous donkey instead of being a skillful communicator who listens well.
12. Putting self interest ahead of his Client and his Client's children's best interests.

A Master Malcreant Lawyer is a powerful character with villainous or generally negative behavior who often puts selfish or ignoble goals ahead of his Clients, has villain-like or uncouth personal qualities, has unprincipled moral ambiguity, and uses immoral, unjust, or evil means to try to achieve his goals.
A Minion Malcreant Lawyer is one who takes orders from a Master Malcreant Lawyer.
"Malcreant" is a portmanteau (a word that fuses two or more words or word parts to give a combined or loaded meaning).